"I have been playing drums for fifty three years, still and always learning. I have been teaching drums for many years, in Chicago and Brazil, teaching children and adults that are willing to learn the rhythms of my culture. What I have to offer with my knowledge, will open a vast horizon for you to play any kind of music that you wish to play in the future, especially when you understand and play the Brazilian and Latin rhythms. These rhythms require, as I call it, INDEPENDENCE"

I'll teach you how to:

- Think before you play, assimilating and understanding each beat, pattern and rhythm for you to apply to your drum set.

- Play the right phrasing/feels, according to the song or groove that the MUSIC is asking for

- Have the right balance to make it most comfortable for you to play each instrument of your set

- Embrace your sticks with the right joints of your fingers, to make it easier for you to practice your rudiments and to play your instruments correctly

- Work on your posture, positioning your wrists, elbows and shoulders to help you play your drums without hurting yourself

- Apply the exercises ended to practice - working hard, and at the same time having fun when playing the drum set.

- Play the authentic brazilian rhythm called SAMBA, using sticks, brushes or both, to have the right sound according to the style of music you will be playing

- Make your drum set sound like a School of Samba (group of Brazilian percussionists playing the Samba Batucada) and many other rhythms from Brazil

When we get in the groove of practicing, we'll be able to meditate with these exercises, appreciating our progress. My goal is to make you a better drummer than me. Are you up to the challenge?

I hope so!"